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DIRECTIONS  TO:  St. Benedict’s Monastery [not the church on the corner]
121 Arcadia Road, Arcadia.
Please consult your own maps/street directory in conjunction with the following before setting out:

On Pennant Hills Road – turn left or right into Boundary Road depending the direction of your approach.

Ø  Allow about 30 easy minutes from here to the monastery.

Ø  the first round-about leads into New Line Road with a gentle swing right.

Ø  Keeping on New Line Road go through the round-about past Cherrybrook. Shortly after, New Line Road changes name to Old Northern Road at a round- about when –

Ø  Old Northern Road comes in on your left.  Note:  proceed straight ahead as if no name change.

Ø  You will notice and ignore the Galston Rd turn off on your right

Ø  You will notice and ignore the Mid Dural Road turn off on your right

Ø  Shortly you will notice the sign “Welcome to Glenorie” and a few metres along “Glenorie” where you ……

Turn right into Wylds Rd .  Follow down slope and up and along to the end to a  T junction.

 Turn Left into Arcadia Rd...  Continuing along, Arcadia Rd veers right where you will notice the parish church with a large cross in the tiling on the roof on your left as you turn.

 Travel along a short way and on your left you will see a small sign “Benedictine Monastery” - 121 Arcadia Rd.  turn left  up the driveway to the Monastery.

Driving up you will notice a Cottage on your far right, then a sign to turn right to “The Cottage”.
Continue and park near the central driveway in front of the light brick building.

Again,  please check your own road maps.  Enjoy this pleasant drive.

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